Hi, I'm Mahmoud Aitelkatab

30 years-old Moroccan entrepreneur, writer and community solutionist at the intersection of sustainability businesses, eCommerce, elogistics and growth.

About me

Experienced I work and collaborate at the intersection of various verticals community building, eCommerce operations and growth marketing. I help brands across industries grow and produce content to attract the modern consumer.I’m passionate about:
- Market research and spotting consumer trends
- eCommerce/ eLogistics innovations
- Borderless sustainability actions
- Community-driven marketing development and strategy
- Growth marketing experimentations
- Design and optimize good inbox experiences (newsletters)
In free time, I build my library, organize Afterwork meetups, encourage making culture, and curate my music playlists.

My work

I run Espace Logistique—an individual media company that connects the modern logistics/supply chain professionals to receive fresh opportunities and the recent industry insights and news. I do supply chain marketing advisory services (growth marketing, community-building, storytelling) to elogistics startups and logistics and transportation businesses.

Last year, I worked as the growth marketing manager at Cuir Dimitri, Saint Yachts and Saint Luxury Suites.Prior to those experiences, I co-founded Areej Fragrance. My previous work experience included CLC operations (Centralized Load Control), logistics roles, and digital marketing roles for companies like Swissport Maroc, Bookline Maroc and other brands and companies.

Through Espace Logistique, we run a weekly newsletter, saving our community members hours of market research with free 5-minute reports on eLogistics content and opportunities.Through the Afterwork Lab, I run an email marketing and newsletters growth studio to help create spaces of meaningful inbox experiences, and we make marketing more human and community driven.I work with clients around the world ranging from eCommerce brands to organizations to large multinational companies, to create and design good inbox experiences, digital strategies and marketing campaigns that are authentic and fresh.I used to manage the Afterwork Club, where we have a community-centric club to encourage the making culture and push passion economy among our members through meetups, activities and learning resources.I co-founded Areej Fragrance with my brother Abdessadek and Reda. We are making green frankincense more inclusive and accessible in the Moroccan market. Our goal is two-fold; to leave the world a better place than we found it; and people better off before they found us.

Slash Sustainability

Most websites have a /about page where visitors can find background about the person or business. Slash Sustainability is one of my newest projects. A /sustainability page lets visitors know how your company thinks about sustainability, and what they should interact with your brand’s vision. Read more here. The project is still under construction.

More projects details are on: Read CV, and Contra.

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Get in touch

Whether you are looking for some community advisory, email marketing help, thinking of hosting a Hangout on the Afterwork Club, or simply looking to connect, I'd be very happy to chat! For business enquiries, please reach out.


Hey! I integrate corporate intrapreneurship perspective and marketing expertise to deliver good email/community experiences around Sustainability, eCommerce, and logistics markets. Let's work together!


Hey! I integrate corporate intrapreneurship perspective and marketing expertise to deliver better email/community experiences around eCommerce, artificial intelligence and logistics markets. Let's work together!